Now that You found Me


So now that I can look forward,
I am afraid of stay stuck in here.
I am afraid of being held back,
By this girl that I see now,
A girl I know pretty well.

But you’re the answer to all those times,
All and each one of those times that I found myself,
With the exhausting desire of run away.
And I was starting to forget what we all know: 
No matter how fast you can run,
Those ghosts will follow you, 
Wherever You go.

Now with you, seems like a good idea to stop. 
Stop and fight back. Against them,
Against everything trying to chase us,
Everything trying to holding us back.
Against everything playing with our hope.
Against the monster in the other room,
Or against those friends that never really were such a thing.
More than twice, even against ourselves.

However now that I found you,
I can see how this is better than everything,
You are all the things I denied to myself before,
All the things that were stolen from me, before.
You are so big, that it is impossible for you to be a half.
You are more like the entire puzzle.
The one for us to play with.
The one to show, But not to touch.
Because now it is us,
And it is ours.
And it feels safe.


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